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Baduanjin Health Qigong

Confessions | Confess Anonymously On An Interactive Digital Gallery

CPC Population Pyramids: Minecraft Edition

Environmental Prioritisation Versus Economic Conditions Amid COVID-19

Galaxies: Island Universes

Jazz Improvisation & Artificial Intelligence: Can A Computer Make Good Jazz Improv?

Journey Into The Abyss - Black Sea Shipwrecks | A Virtual Journey

Mayflower 400 Southampton | Audacious Film Poetry Competition

Mayflower 400 Southampton | Education Resources

Mayflower 400 Southampton | KRYT Poetry Workshops

Mayflower 400 Southampton | Letters To The Mayflower

Navigating Southampton | Minecraft Edition

Papercutting - Wellbeing In Traditional Chinese Way

Special Collections - The Printed Word

Special Collections - The Written Word

Vegetable Orchestra: Making Music From A Carrot

Writers In Conversation: American Writer Gish Jen

Monday, February 8th 2021

Democratic Futures And The LGBT+ Community

Tuesday, February 9th 2021

The Southampton Stonewall Lecture 2021

Thursday, February 18th 2021

Writers In Conversation: Scottish Novelist Margot Livesey

Monday, March 15th 2021

Writers In Conversation: Southampton Writer Rebecca Smith

Monday, April 26th 2021

Feeling Good About How We Feed Our Babies: Craft And A Chat For Parents And Children

Thursday, November 12th 2020

Sexual Health Among Black And Minority Ethnic Groups *

Thursday, November 12th 2020

Posthuman Laughter

Friday, November 13th 2020

The Activity Of Being Human From Aristotle To Deleuze

Friday, November 13th 2020

A Robot Could Paint That: Artificial Intelligence, Aesthetic Expertise And Artists

Friday, November 13th 2020

The World After: A Table-Top Roleplaying Session

Friday, November 13th 2020

#SotonAstroArt Online Workshop

Saturday, November 14th 2020

Mayflower 400 Southampton | ArtfulScribe Free Poetry Weekend

Saturday, November 14th 2020

Art, History & Heritage In Southampton

Sunday, November 15th 2020

Exploring 'Being Human' Through A Computer Generated Novel Workshop

Monday, November 16th 2020

Speculative Design And Tech Advocacy

Monday, November 16th 2020

Writers In Conversation: Screenwriter Stephen Thompson On Adapting Windrush Story *

Monday, November 16th 2020

"'There' But Not 'there'": Challenges Of Representation And Diversity In The Archive Film

Monday, November 16th 2020

Motherhood | Advanced Seminar Series In Arts And Humanities 2020 - Seminar Two

Tuesday, November 17th 2020

Mexican Narco Rap, Ethics And Moral Responsibility

Tuesday, November 17th 2020

Mashpee Nine Film Screening And Virtual Q&A

Thursday, November 19th 2020

Larry Achiampong: In Conversation *

Friday, November 20th 2020

Poems Of Home | Workshop

Saturday, November 21st 2020

Pythagoras' Tool Kit

Saturday, November 21st 2020

Waves Of... Music, Sound And Spatialisation Through Virtual Reality

Saturday, November 21st 2020

Speculative Futures Of The Arts And Humanities, In Practice

Saturday, November 21st 2020

Writers In Conversation With Author Tracy Chevalier

Saturday, November 21st 2020

Kids Eco-Writing Workshop

Sunday, November 22nd 2020

Stephano Film Screening With Virtual Q&A

Sunday, November 22nd 2020

Utopias And Dystopias: Creatively Writing Alternative Worlds

Sunday, November 22nd 2020