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Event Name Date Duration Start Time (GMT)
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Feeling Good About How We Feed Our Babies: craft and a chat for parents and childrenNov 12th15 minutes11:30
Sexual Health among Black and Minority Ethnic GroupsNov 12th1 hour18:00
Posthuman LaughterNov 13th1 hour, 15 minutes09:00
The Activity of Being Human from Aristotle to DeleuzeNov 13th1 hour, 30 minutes11:00
A Robot Could Paint That: Artificial Intelligence, Aesthetic Expertise and ArtistsNov 13th1 hour14:00
The World After: A Table-Top Roleplaying SessionNov 13th2 hours17:30
#SotonAstroArt Online WorkshopNov 14th1 hour10:00
Mayflower 400 Southampton | ArtfulScribe Free Poetry WeekendNov 14th1 day, 6 hours10:00
#SotonAstroArt Online WorkshopNov 14th1 hour14:00
Art, History & Heritage in SouthamptonNov 15th30 minutes11:00
"'There' but not 'there'": challenges of representation and diversity in the archive filmNov 16th6 days, 2 hours, 30 minutes09:00
Exploring 'Being Human' through a Computer Generated Novel WorkshopNov 16th1 hour, 15 minutes14:00
Speculative Design and Tech AdvocacyNov 16th1 hour, 20 minutes17:40
Writers in Conversation: Screenwriter Stephen Thompson on adapting Windrush storyNov 16th1 hour, 30 minutes19:30
Motherhood | Advanced Seminar Series In Arts And Humanities 2020 - Seminar TwoNov 17th1 hour, 10 minutes14:00
Mexican narco rap, ethics and moral responsibilityNov 17th1 hour18:00
Mashpee Nine Film Screening and Virtual Q&ANov 19th2 hours19:00
Larry Achiampong: In ConversationNov 20th1 hour16:00
Poems of Home | WorkshopNov 21st1 hour10:30
Pythagoras' Tool kitNov 21st45 minutes11:30
Waves of... music, sound and spatialisation through virtual realityNov 21st30 minutes13:30
Speculative Futures of the Arts and Humanities, in PracticeNov 21st1 hour, 30 minutes14:00
Writers in Conversation with Author Tracy Chevalier Nov 21st1 hour15:30
Kids Eco-Writing WorkshopNov 22nd1 hour, 30 minutes10:00
Stephano Film Screening with Virtual Q&ANov 22nd2 hours14:30
Utopias and Dystopias: Creatively Writing Alternative WorldsNov 22nd1 hour, 30 minutes15:00